Eventually dropped your mail

Well, if you wrote me a mail today and did not get an answer, then maybe you chose a topic that fitted to one of these:

  • 160 \”deliver\”
  • 132 \”virus\”
  • 57 \”returned\”
  • 38 \”notification\”
  • 11 \”attachment\”
  • 7 \”message\”
  • 5 \”scan\”

How was it the other day [1], when email was not yet existing?

1971 Ray Tomlinson (BBN) sends the first email (probably \”QWERTYUIOP\”), after having written a first FTP (File Transfer Protocol: \”CPYNET\”) to send files from one ARPANET PDP-10 computer to another in his office. He choosed \”@\” to start the address after the name of the receiver.

I am sure to choose other ways of communication as soon as possible. Services like email seem to be antiquated. But probably it is not the service but the way they get taken over and manipulated by a certain kind of users. It is up to each of us taking occurrences like this as motivation to evolve new ways of communication.

It is time we get IPv6 and every wearable offers the possibility to access to the net so we can choose the most suitable \”communication environment\” depending on the situation.

[1] http://noosphere.cc/internet.html
[2] http://openmap.bbn.com/~tomlinso/ray/home.html

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