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18. March 2016

Amazing recording of "The GRP All Star Big Band (1992)".
@ 12:46:13

Recently found a Video to a recording, that I used to hear up and down. Still amazing.

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07. August 2013

Lightweight CMS using flat-files
@ 13:17:40

Was recently looking for flatfile-based content management systems and found, and Some additional other helpful tool seems to be

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05. August 2013

Splitting Giga-sized WAV before using Audacity
@ 13:37:53

I recently was recording a concert lasting two hours. The resulting 1.2GB wav file seemed to me too clumsy to treat with audacity. With the help of splits(.exe) [1] the file could be simply cut into e.g. 500 MB chunks, which were more easier to handle.


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09. August 2010

LucID Messenger
@ 23:03:52

Ever heard of LucID? Just by random run over that messenger, which should enable chatting from iPhone to Android or Blackberry. We managed to chat from Android to iPhone and backwards. But how does one invite people by email? Not a clue yet.

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18. December 2008

Öffnungszeiten von diesem und jenem Geschäft
@ 08:36:14

Wahora [1] stellt einen ganz nützlichen Dienst zur Verfügung, wobei die Öffnungszeiten ortsspezifischer Dienstleister abgefragt werden können. Hoffen wir mal, dass die Zeiten auch stimmen.


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04. December 2008

Trommeln mal anders - Hämmers?
@ 20:05:20

Ganz gut gelungener Auftritt:

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06. October 2008

Rock and roll with mpg321
@ 21:35:09

Shuffled replay of mp3 files from a formerly iTunes-organized music library:
me@foo:~/Eigene Musik/iTunes$ find . -name '*.mp3' | mpg321 -@ - -z

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27. May 2008

Panini - gesucht, gefunden
@ 10:32:38

15, 19, 51, 71, 84, 95, 101, 116, 120, 121, 147, 156, 168, 170, 190, 190, 281, 253, 297, 301, 303, 341, 345, 358, 416, 427, 431, 434, 453, 457, 458, 470, 485, 496, 507, 521, 522

3, 11, 23, 29, 31, 37, 39, 66, 110, 114, 118, 143, 162, 166, 216, 220, 221, 224, 262, 288, 292, 299, 304, 307, 335, 338, 339, 343, 351, 359, 368, 377, 411, 467, 477, 482, 486, 501, 505, 514, 519, 526, 527, 534

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22. April 2008

How to OCR multipage PDF files
@ 16:46:53

The OCR applied here only serves for reasons of indexing PDF files. The page layout will get lost. Nevertheless, the following three steps help you to convert multipage PDF files to a single text file:

$ convert -density 150 foo.pdf ./tesseract/tmp/p%02d.tif
$ montage.exe ./tesseract/tmp/*.tif -tile 1x -mode concatenate ./tesseract/tmp/foo.tif
$ tesseract.exe ./tesseract/tmp/foo.tif output -l eng

For reasons of simplicity the TIF files p00.tif to pXY.tif will get concatenated together to a single TIF file, that has the width of a single page and the height of XY pages. In such a way at least the order of the text or the text flow respectively will be preserved. But one could also concatenate a mosaic of all the TIF files. The density of 150 (dpi) gives reasonable results with tesseract.

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02. January 2008

Navigating the Maze of Free and NonFree Licenses
@ 08:31:03

Greg London issued a first draft of his new book [1]:
The Libre Labyrinth describes an objective way to understand how various FLOS licenses work, and how different FLOS licenses compare to one another.
The book is available as well as PDF under a Creative Commons Lincense.


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