SqliteManager for your Browser

SQLiteManager [1] is what I was looking for; a phpMyAdmin-like administration tool for the browser. It basically works out of the box. Thanks to Frédéric Henninot.

[1] http://sqlitemanager.sourceforge.net

Update: There are some fixes I had to add to make it running on OS X:

Changed the file: common.lib.php, function SQLIteCheckOk()

if($SQL_SERVER_OS == \”LIN\” OR $SQL_SERVER_OS == \”DAR\”) $extName = \”sqlite.so\”;

Furthermore the folder and its files did not have the correct owner which generated the following message:

Warning: sqlite_query(): unable to open database file in
on line 122

So changing the owner fixed that problem too:

#:/Library/WebServer/Documents me$ sudo chown -R www:www SQLiteManager-0.9.1/

Update: Just found another SQLite web manager. This one requires PHP5: http://www.phpro.org/sqlite/

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