Flatrate GPRS with Swisscom

[via mosi, 1] It seems like Swisscom decided to move a step forward and introduced «Portal Pack» [2]. From the beginning of July 2004 the GPRS prices for data transmission in Switzerland will be only CHF 00.10 per 10 KB (previously 00.19). If you are a moblogger [3] you can enter the «Portal Pack» at a monthly all-in price of CHF 5.– which allows unlimited data transfer via GPRS. I am sure this will boost a lot of mobile applications that way.

[1] http://blog.li/mosi
[2] http://www.swisscom-mobile.ch/prv_asp/prv_home.asp?nid=1662
[3] http://www.circle.ch/wiki/?page=Moblog

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