Merging weblog and wiki

What is a weblog, what a wiki? What sense does it make to have just another took to administrate? What is the gain, what the pain?

Weblogs are said to be \”A web site organized by time\”, a diary with reports, news summaries, random thoughts, interesting songs, pictures etc [0]. The time factor is mostly part of the URL of a specific blog entry, also there are variations [see Joi\’ URL, 1]. Entries are furthermore organized by one or multiple categories [2]. Even providing an archive does not prevent from searching for a certain entry, which leads to a search engine to be implemented. Weblog entries often can be commented via a comment field or or ping- or trackbacks. I would rather like to have a weblog with a forum attached [3] than a simple guestbook-style comments collection.

A Wiki [4] is a web-based writing space and is typically collaborative, but does not have to be. While weblogs basically store events, Wikis categorize data [5]. Furthermore a Wiki has revisions of pages [6].

Combinations are already fact [7]; Joi does it, others too – see site of Andrew, Keith, 0xDECAFBAD et. al. I also makes sense to crosspost links or contents to existing Wiki titles. Andrew has a hack:

I now also have a hack to B2 that automatically inserts links to wiki pages (with wiki names) that exist, but only if not in between angle brackets – I don\’t want to have links inside of links as nested anchors haven\’t been allowed for a long time in HTML land.

There is currently a discussion over a package called \”Text_Wiki\” to handle Wiki-like markup [8] that could make such an integration less painful.


Some more thoughts and discussions in this direction, leading to klogs:

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