Location based API

As recently [1] arguing for a way to get geo information out of the mobile phone based on standard technologies like WAP and boradcasting services, Gregor [2] just pointed me to a Nokia article [3] on JavaOne technologies at present and in future to be implemented in mobile devices.

The main element of this package is a location provider that delivers the device\’s current location to the application. [..] This API not only will enable \”what\’s near me\” restaurant services, but also could be the basis of some cool games.

[1] http://www.circle.ch/blog/p970.html
[2] http://greg.abstrakt.ch/archives/000278.html
[3] http://www.forum.nokia.com/mobile_java_technology

Just found that site [4] via the \”Related Links\” engine:

The Alternis Location Mediation System (LMS) allows mobile network operators to develop and offer personalised, private, billable applications and services with no adverse effect on network performance or quality.

[4] http://www.alternis.com/overview.php

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