Proposal – Postback: posting into others blogs

After having had a discussion with Bernhard [1] yesterday, I came to the conclusion today, that one needs a third way of posting; let\’s call it \”postback\”.

Just a few minutes ago I found Bill Kearney\’s idea [2] which leads, as far as I can tell, into the same direction. But his proposal had, as written in January 2003, still a problem to solve. How can one build trusted circles of people? The answer must be FOAF [3].

Getting blogged:
I need to be able to define a group of trusted people in FOAF to be able to post directly into one or any permitted category of my personal blog. Since the foaf.rdf is sitting on my host, I will have the possibility to manage and administrate it; the control is by the blogger him- or herself. PGP would be a good start to support trusted circles.

Blogging to many:
On the other hand, the blog interface needs to get a list of trusted FOAFs, which I can select as an equivalent to the Carboncopy in an E-Mail tool. They might accept my post in realtime or at least merging the post into their blogs after a process of approval. So maybe we need a kind of a ring-ring-knocking-at-the-door method. The post could contain the same elements as the trackback [4] or pingback [5] uses it. it is to discuss, if only an excerpt of the post or the whole post is to send.

Specifications of Postback:

– FOAF based trusted friends
– PGP key to secure authentication
– parameters such as:
* title, The title of the entry
* entry, An excerpt or the full entry
* url, The permalink of the original authors blog entry for the entry
* blogname, The name of the blog in which the entry is posted.
* author, The original authors name or nick
* datetime, The entry posting datetime stamp
* key, A PGP key of the author
* foaf, The foaf.rdf location (might make \”key\” obsolete )
– An URL that hosts the pingback.php file, waiting for posts to come
– …

Any comments on that?


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