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27. June 2003

Proposal - Postback: posting into others blogs
@ 17:54:31

After having had a discussion with Bernhard [1] yesterday, I came to the conclusion today, that one needs a third way of posting; let's call it "postback".

Just a few minutes ago I found Bill Kearney's idea [2] which leads, as far as I can tell, into the same direction. But his proposal had, as written in January 2003, still a problem to solve. How can one build trusted circles of people? The answer must be FOAF [3].

Getting blogged:
I need to be able to define a group of trusted people in FOAF to be able to post directly into one or any permitted category of my personal blog. Since the foaf.rdf is sitting on my host, I will have the possibility to manage and administrate it; the control is by the blogger him- or herself. PGP would be a good start to support trusted circles.

Blogging to many:
On the other hand, the blog interface needs to get a list of trusted FOAFs, which I can select as an equivalent to the Carboncopy in an E-Mail tool. They might accept my post in realtime or at least merging the post into their blogs after a process of approval. So maybe we need a kind of a ring-ring-knocking-at-the-door method. The post could contain the same elements as the trackback [4] or pingback [5] uses it. it is to discuss, if only an excerpt of the post or the whole post is to send.

Specifications of Postback:

- FOAF based trusted friends
- PGP key to secure authentication
- parameters such as:
* title, The title of the entry
* entry, An excerpt or the full entry
* url, The permalink of the original authors blog entry for the entry
* blogname, The name of the blog in which the entry is posted.
* author, The original authors name or nick
* datetime, The entry posting datetime stamp
* key, A PGP key of the author
* foaf, The foaf.rdf location (might make "key" obsolete )
- An URL that hosts the pingback.php file, waiting for posts to come
- ...

Any comments on that?


Some more searching:

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  1. Comment by chregu @ 2003-06-27 18:04:39:
    chregu’s Gravatar Very very very cool idea. I already see a lot of potential and need for that.

    Milestone August ;)

  2. Comment by Raw Blog @ 2003-06-28 00:22:43:
    Raw Blog’s Gravatar Postback
    A great idea, allowing you to post into friend's blogs based on FOAF profiles.
  3. Comment by Bitflux Blog :: Cool FOAF idea by Urs @ 2003-06-28 11:19:39:
    Bitflux Blog :: Cool FOAF idea by Urs’s Gravatar [...] oblog 09:34:31 [...]
  4. Comment by Bitflux Blog @ 2003-06-28 11:19:44:
    Bitflux Blog’s Gravatar Cool FOAF idea by Urs
    Urs posted his Proposal - Postback: posting into others blogs. Very cool idea:)
  5. Comment by Noch\'n Blogg. @ 2003-06-28 12:12:26:
    Noch\\\ Postback
    Postback: posting into others blogs ist eine interessante Idee, wie man Freunden erlauben kann, ins eigene Blog zu posten, basierend...
  6. Comment by Bernhard Seefeld\'s Blog @ 2003-06-28 13:11:16:
    Bernhard Seefeld\\\ FOAF, Privacy, Postback
    Last week Urs and me had an interesting discussion about Blogs, FOAF and their implications on self-inflicted loss of privacy. I personally think, that the society will embrace transparency in a practical and useful way and that people will learn...
  7. Comment by urs @ 2003-06-28 15:49:18:
    urs’s Gravatar There is a thread for this discussion on the rdfweb-dev list [1].

    As Bernhard proposed, the expression "crosspost" would describe that technology probably better. I just chose "postback" because it fits better to ping- and trackback. but anyway.

    On the other hand, I think the proposal is missing yet two other features. While one could come along with the convention, that FOAFs can only post to a single category e.g. like "FOAFs", it is imaginable to give additional rights to friends to post into certain defined categories. Nevertheless, it might be reasonable to define at least one single "default" category.

    Furthermore I thought, that there could be given permission levels to FOAFs. Authentication and permission folks could eventually help us on this topic. What about a resolution of 1 to 10 levels, or does it need to be more like up to 50?

  8. Comment by Bitflux Blog :: More on Urs' Postback proposal @ 2003-06-28 16:47:05:
    Bitflux Blog :: More on Urs\ [...] g -->  --> » comments [...]
  9. Comment by :: crossPost Plug-In for Manila @ 2003-06-29 12:11:10: :: crossPost Plug-In for Manila’s Gravatar [...] login, a password would still be nescessary. Where to store that? I have no idea yet. [1] [2] http://ow [...]
  10. Comment by Marc Canter @ 2003-06-30 18:30:56:
    Marc Canter’s Gravatar Coolio dude - great idea. Forst thinsg first - "is there a way for FOAF to represent more one just the first level of relationships/friends?" In other words - up to six (or even 8 or 9) levels of connection?

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