PEAR version 1.2 RC1 released

PEAR comes with some updates, news and fixes:

Version: 1.2RC1-stable (2003-06-23 08:45:00)
* Changed license from PHP 2.02 to 3.0
* Added support for optional dependencies
* pear makerpm, now works and generates a better system independant spec file
* pear install|build pecl-package, now exposes the compilation progress
* Added new pear bundle command, which downloads and uncompress a pecl-package
The main purpose of this command is for easily adding extensions to the PHP sources
before compiling it.

and Tomas V.V. Cox worked out a new DB release too

Version: 1.5.0RC1-stable (2003-06-23 01:09:00)
New Features:
– Added $dbh->freePrepared(), for explicitily free a prepared result
– Test suite enhanced
Added new *experimental* driver for SQLite

Bugs fixed:
– Fixed memory leaks with methods that did automatic prepare/execute
– ibase: better error handling and various bugfixes
– mssql: added port setting to connect and enhancements to the error hanlder
– mysql: $db->createSequence(); $db->nextID(); now returns 1 and other minor fixes
– odbc: added native quote() function, better error handling, and other bugfixes
– pgsql: minor bugfixes

Special thanks for those persons who sent patches and bug reports. This release
is done for public testing before the final release in sync with the
upcomming PHP 4.3.3 version.


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