Google and CC sensitive search

[via Joi Ito, 1] Google added an Open Content resp. public domain relevant search option called \”Usage Rights\” to their Advanced Search form (the option is currently not available in German) [2]. There are three options for the selection \”as_rights\”:

  • aren\’t filtered by license
  • allow some forms of re-use
  • can be freely modified, adapted or built upon

The appropriate option values are:

  • cc_publicdomain|cc_attribute
  • (cc_publicdomain|cc_attribute).-(cc_noncommercial|cc_nonderived|cc_sharealike)

As Joi Ito already mentioned, Yahoo! has added easy to use check boxes. I agree that the Google search form could be more userfriendly. If I try to build a custom query string, the search results are actually but not obviously \”as_rights\” relevant [3].


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