QR code – decoder to proof the concept

I finally came along a QR code decoders tool, that are written in Java [1,2]. So the implementation here in this blog is actually working [3].

My next edition of business cards will probably have not only the human readable information but also a QR code printed on it. Thus, mobile phones with QR code decoders will be able to do the job of business card scanners. A convenient implementation would be a QR code to vCard converter [4], to make the address organization in the mobile phone as easy as possible.

[1] http://www.intelcom.ru/2d/english/demo.php
[2] http://sourceforge.jp/projects/qrcode/
[3] http://blog.li/trash/2005/10/08/2248.html
[4] http://www.appelsiini.net/keitai-l/archives/2004-01/0014.html

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