Family tree

Today I came across a fashion collection of my cousin Renate. She finished her studies as a fashion deisgner earlier this year:

Renate Zimmerli got the inspiration for her diploma when she was an intern at the New Yorker design group »As Four« and at an Indian rag factory where she used to work as a »vintage-picker« . The encounter with the hot spot of the fashion industry and the pile of rags shaped the vision of the young designer who was born in Swiss Emmental. Her collection »rags + wipers« is based on the ideal of traditional eastern cultures, consisting of basics that can be added and combined individually. She is using fabrics from different origins, creating an atmosphere of mystery and confusion.
»rags + wipers« is designed for women who have a positive understanding of fashion, who like to play and have fun with it.

Have a look at her diploma work [1].


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