float\’s mobile agent and a T610

fma is a software for windows to access and handle data on a mobile phone [1]. I was aware of that tool for over a year I think, but the problem usualy was the bluetooth connection to the phone, that did not work. The acer BT500 USB stick turned out to be a misdirected investment. I changed the widcomm bluetooth software several times but the hardware has never been detected properly. Today I decided to look out for another USB bluetooth adaptor; this one works totally easy and gives me access to the phone. Now fma allows me to backup sms, addresses, images etc. fma also incorporates a scripting-engine. If there is some spare time in a while, I will play around and see what can be automated to syncronize adddresses and backup images and so on. One thing is left to mention; in the options menu I had to choose \”Connect to phone via Serial Port: COM 5\” instead of directly using the bluetooth option.

[1] http://fma.sourceforge.net

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