Easypay by Swisscom for micro content

Swisscom has a cool product called Easypay [1]. You buy a prepayed card with denominations of CHF 25.00, 50.00 and 75.00 at local stores, Kiosks, Post Offices etc. If you like to buy a product via an online store or like to use an online service you simply enter the Easypay number in the window on the provider’s website and press \”buy\”. The Easypay service is also available in combination with mobile phones.

This is very very practical for providers of microcontent such as blogging services with MMS or mp3 music shops. I have no idea how simple it is to implement that service on the provider\’s side; but it is worth a try.

[1] http://www.swisscom-fixnet.ch/fx/content/products/easypay/index_EN.html

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