GIS Maps and mobile blogging

Mika Tuupola [1] exemplifies the ease of implementation of GIS data using the PEAR library written by Sebastian Bergmann. That reminds me of an earlier blog post about the GPS bluetooth module SOCKET SOC-GP0804-405 [2] (comparable is the PRETEC OB-GPLXX-A, both about CHF 400);

Before we cat get mobile phones with integrated GPS capability, I guess that these module would do a good job delivering GPS data which can be submitted together with the blog content. If I would blog from a certain location, it would be quite nice to display the coordinates and leave a trace between consecutive posts. It simply adds more value to the content.

I am aware, that others will track the trace and tease you up \”hey, what did you do in ChampĂ©ry; shouldn\’t you have been in London at that time?\”… but that is up to you, to decide what you reveal of yourself. Isn\’t it?


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