Thoughts on Microsofts CallerID [1,2] has some good articles on anti-spam technologies and points out, that CallerID works in a very similar way to SPF, RMX and other protocols to verify the sending host. Microsoft introduced its CallerID at as you can test yourself:

# host -t txt

So from the technical side it seems that the CallerID(ea) is probably even behind what SPF is capabale of [3,4,5]. On the other hand, some argue, that Microsoft might to \”acknowledge Open Source without accepting some of the risks of being truly Open Source might bring\”:

This product may incorporate intellectual property owned by Microsoft Corporation. If you would like a license from Microsoft, you need to contact Microsoft directly [3].

From that perspective, the patent claims by Microsoft might be only defensive [4]. Some searching for latest patents by Microsoft (Title or Abstract: spam, Applicant: Microsoft) only reveals four related patents, one of them published in January 2004 [6].

If – on a legislatory level – Microsoft intends to push its technology, one should point out to the governmental experts and commissions that there are already technical alternatives that should be taken in account as well.


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