Mimösli gränzelos with New Orleans Ambassadors

On Saturday I attended the Mimösli [1], a pre-Fasnacht event in Basel. They had a fully stuffed program with an ensemble, \”Schnitzelbängg\”, which are rhymes making fun of certain events and people, Piccolos, Drums and not to forget to mention a group of selected New Orleans Brass Band Players leaded by George Gruntz on Piano. The so called New Orleans Ambassadors were amazing; they grooved from the first measure. Rob Espino [2], a tuba player, playing that monster of an instrument with such an ease, selected five other companions to present – as I imagine – only the tip of the iceberg of their repertoire. The other members of the Brass Band were Eric Lucero, Brent Rose, Rick Trolsen, Kerry \”Fat Man\” Hunter and Caytano Hingle.

[1] http://www.haebse-theater.ch
[2] http://www.potholesbrassband.com

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