Revision Control on Blog Entries

Mark Pilgrim has revision control on his blog entries [1]. This is a feature that is already known for wikis but for blogs I have seen it the first time. Recently I was considering adding a feature to prevent the RSS feed from being updated on minor changes like from \”teh\” to \”the\” etc. Since the RSS is generated on the fly such changes will be interpreted by most aggregators as a new post or at least being read again.

Having revision control would have positive side effects for on the fly RSS generators as used in most blog engines as one could only respect the initial version to be used to feed.

Oh, and Mark just inspires me to another anti-spam method. If you read his archives you will notice \”This discussion has been closed. Thanks to all who participated.\” at the end of an entry. Well, I do not know how Mark has implemented it but imagine having a feedback-window e.g. for seven days only and afterwards, comments, trackbacks and pingbacks would no longer be possible. It is not a perfect solution at all but just a thought. 😉


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