A way to convert PDF to Wiki syntax

I would have liked the straight way of converting a PDF to a WikkiTikkiTavi style Wiki syntax. As far as I can see this is not yet done. So what I found is a PDF to text converter for OS X [1]. Wiki formatting has to be done by hand. Some Wikis do allow a subset of HTML to be used but there is probably no way around to write my own PDF to HTML/XML to WikkiTikkiTavi converter. For those using PHPWiki might the HTML to Wiki converter be of interest [2]. Unfortunately the pdftohtml converter did not compile on my OS X [3].

[1] http://q41.de/downloads/pdftotext_en/
[2] http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/phpwiki/HtmlToWikiConverter
[3] http://pdftohtml.sourceforge.net

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