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18. November 2005

Off to CCIT 2005, Torino
@ 11:13:54

In about 3 hours, my train is leaving towards Torino where it should arrive before 8 p.m. I am really looking forward to CCIT 2005 [1].


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27. January 2005

The agenda for the LOTS Event 2005
@ 17:23:49

The LOTS agenda [1] is now online and You are kindly invited to register yourself ;)


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19. January 2005

Ein Hotel in Bellinzona
@ 15:04:50

Man mag es vielleicht gehört haben, dass das Bundesstrafgericht seinen Betrieb am 1. April 2004 in Bellinzona aufgenommen hat. Nun, Bellinzona liegt nun wahrlich nicht gerade zentral, dafür kann man dem Charme südlicher Gefilde fröhnen; wenn man denn dazu kommt. Jedenfalls ist man aus der Region Bern schon fast darauf angewiesen, sich vor Ort eine Unterkunft zu organisieren, wenn man denn rechtzeitig am Gericht sein will.

Es hat sich nun herausgestellt, dass Hotels in Bellinzona gar nicht etwa einfach zu finden sind [1]. Befriedigend waren dann aber die Resultate der beiden anderen Links [2,3]. Fand das irgendwie mitteilungswert ;)


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16. October 2004

Back from Davos
@ 17:16:12

For about 8 days I have been in Davos to get some fresh air. It was a week of blog-abstinence, which has only been broken - the abstinence I mean ;) - by some mobile blogging of impressive sceneries from around Davos and the lower and upper Engadine [1]. The temperature around there at above 1500m was far from what one expects from a warm autumn. Just the day we left Davos, they got some snow e.g. on the Parsenn (2663m).

Back in Bern I am already preparing to head for Zürich tonight. Some friends of mine are giving a party at the Giesserei in Oerlikon [2].


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08. August 2004

Sleeping in Berlin
@ 23:17:15

Berlin is worth a visit! I had the chance to spend about three days in that city. While the flight was quite available at a reasonable price from easyjet we did not have a clue where we would stay at night. Finally we found the meinigner hostel at the Hallesches Ufer [1]. I can really recommend it. A few moblog pictures from the trip are here [2].


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