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03. March 2006

Bleublog powered by Kaywa
@ 08:13:42

Bleublog [1] bietet Blogs für die französischsprechende Schweiz an - initiiert von Le Matin. Auf den einzelnen Blogs werden Werbebanner aufgeschaltet. Die "Charta" [2] führt zudem in Ziffer IV. Diffusion aus:
Tout ou partie des contenus des blogs peuvent être cités ou repris dans les différentes rubriques du Service BleuBlog et peuvent être diffusés de façon publique, notamment par une éventuelle publication dans les titres d′Edipresse Publications SA, groupe Le Matin.
Jeder Blogger ist sozusagen "Journalist on hold" - falls ein interessanter Artikel oder ein Bild, Video oder ähnliches von der Redaktion erspäht wird, so kann dieser Inhalt in einer Publikation der Edipresse Publications SA, groupe Le Matin, publiziert werden.

Der Blog Service wird durch Kaywa Technologie betrieben. Die Dokumentation für den User wird in einem Wiki angeboten [3].


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18. October 2005

Searching Wikipedia content à la LiveSearch
@ 21:48:24

LuMriX [1] offers search support, similar to chregu's LiveSearch [2], for Wikipedia content.


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22. September 2005

Tschubby's Karten der Schweiz
@ 09:29:07

Tschubby [1] hat in Zusammenhang mit Wikipedia eine Vielzahl von Karten für die Schweiz erstellt. Gemeinden, Kantone, Flüsse usw. sind als PNG Bilder verfügbar. Die Qualität der Arbeit ist bestechend.


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18. September 2005

Reenabled LiveSearch
@ 13:13:41

LiveSearch has not been available for a short period of time on this blog. So I reenabled and refined it a bit. It searches now not only blog posts but also wiki titles. Further there is a search term hightlight function, which should make the reading of the result set more comfortable.

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11. August 2005

Gallery 2 add-on to Mediawiki
@ 22:32:17

TransArte has found a way to integrate Gallery 2 into Mediawiki [1].


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08. February 2005

Wikipedia auf CD-ROM
@ 23:45:20

Heute habe ich mich mal der Version von Wikipedia auf CD-ROM - auch etwa "offline" Version genannt - angenommen [1]. Die CD wird bereits nicht mehr neu aufgelegt, da am 17. März 2005 die Wikipedia-DVD erscheint. Dennoch lohnt sich der Blick in die freie Enzyklopädie, die dann direkt ab der Harddisk läuft. Der Reader für Windows (Digigbib4), MaxOS X (MacDigibib) und Linux (Digibux) ist zum Offline-Genuss Voraussetzung.

Unter Windows lässt sich das ISO auch mittels den Daemontools [2] direkt mounten, so dass sich ein vorübergehendes Brennen auf eine CD-ROM erübrigt.

Parallel laufen auch Projekte, Wikipedia mittels eines Knoppix-ähnlichen Systems direkt ab CD-ROM laufen zu lassen (e.g. via Morphix oder Lamppix) [3,4].


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31. December 2004

Mediawiki on MySQL 4.1
@ 15:55:04

Just in case you tried to intstall mediawiki-1.4beta3 on MySQL 4.1.8-win; it does not work, at least, not on my machine. Just step back to MySQL 4.0.23-win and it installes perfectly.

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19. November 2004

SVG Wiki Witheboard
@ 15:12:24

Danny Ayers has some news on his earlier work [1] done on a graphical whiteboard heading towards an SVG Wiki [1]. The file only worked in IE on my machine. But the result is amazing; you can choose colors, shapes, operators and the like and also delete the paths later on. Very nice. I'd like to have that feature in my blog as well. Maybe there is a rainy weekend ahead soon ;)


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24. September 2004

Wikipedia plugin for Mozilla
@ 11:55:13

I like plugins such as the Wikipedia plugin for Mozilla [1].


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08. August 2004

Globalized recent changes for wikis
@ 15:15:48 [1] provides a pingback-like wikiping-server allowing wikis to reported their recent changes. offers a forum at to clarify issues of the further progress of the wikiping-interface.


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17. May 2004

Microsoft Word to Wiki syntax conversion
@ 14:36:43

It is quite interesting to have a look at the referrers from time to time. There was someone looking for a Word to Wiki syntax converter; I finally found one related to Tikiwiki. It is written in Basic [1] (see attachment on that site).


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24. March 2004

SVG Drawing in a Wiki
@ 16:53:10

I just discovered an article by Danny Ayers on [1] where he talkes about his earlier ideas on stiki - an SVG drawing capability for a Wiki. The code is available on his site as well. I would prefer SVG over Java, as it is implemented in TWiki [2] already though. Maybe there is someone with a Flash implementation too... what else?

Keyword: WikiSVG


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23. March 2004

My early Wiki days
@ 12:38:02

Today I found a personal profile of my early Wiki days back in 1999 [1]. I remember looking for a collaborative tool for a site I use to administrate. The Wiki in question was TWiki. I actually never installed it on a local machine, but remember talking to Peter Thoeny - Mr. Twiki - via email about how to work with this "strange" tool ;-)


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16. March 2004

A Wiki Blog joint-venture by Elke
@ 00:23:27

Elke Engel [1] showed up a working demo [2] of an interoperable Wiki-Blog the other day. The system is based on the Kaywa blog and uses the PEAR class by Paul M. Jones [3] to handle the Wiki syntax. Good look with finishing up your thesis ;)


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27. February 2004

[RT] Handling SQLite remote files with PHP
@ 10:38:28

First I have to clarify the [RT]; Bertrand Delacrétaz [1] mentioned at LOTS, that he indicates "random thoughts" in mailinglists as "[RT]". I like that idea, because the title to this blog post does not mean to be a new feature in the PECL sqlite extension but generally a random thought of mine. I started a new project on sourceforge called wikita [2]. It is a common playground for me to set up a simple wiki based on PEAR classes where ever possible. Since I have started the PEAR sqlite DB wrapper earlier, it needed some more testing. Wikita from that point of view is also a testbed for this wrapper.

Just the other day I checked in some code into the CVS of sourceforge. The code is not much more than a hack for now. Anyway. To come to the point of this post: SF does not yet support the sqlite extension. So the title here suggests that there could/should be a way to handle sqlite remote database files. PHP does allow to handle remote files but IMHO the sqlite extension does not. If this is secure or not is to discuss afterwards. PHP5 will generally offer sqlite support. Nevertheless I ask myself if there are any applications that would make sense to have sqlite databases handled remotely. Maybe for portable devices such as mobile phones or handhelds, if they ever offer PHP support (some actually _do_ offer already Python [3]). Since they offer limited storage space, it could be a solution. Contradictions, comments?


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18. February 2004

Blog, wiki et al. as lightweight tools for successful projects
@ 14:55:43

Bertrand [1] gives good reasons why we should not mail Wordprocessing documents around but use blogs, wikis, mailinglists, cvs et al. to communicate and work together. That reminds me of the "Shortest Wiki Contest" I saw yesterday [2]. The shortest Wiki comes with 4 lines of code ;)

The good thing on weblogs, as Bertrand notes, is that it tells "the story". This is his view of the use of a weblog for project. Quite an interesting aspect if you want to know, what was your project a year ago.
Desert Island Tools:
- The CVS Rule (if it's not in the CVS, it doesn't exist)
- The Bugzilla Rule (if you're working, it must be on a bugzilla issue)

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01. February 2004

Adds disturbing the Blog frontpage
@ 15:52:50

The ad banner, which was below the latest post, was kind of disturbing the whole frontpage of my Blog so I decided to remove it. Even though it would have helped to support this site I changed my mind. When I started blogging some years ago - at that time I called it "posting news" - I did not expect that anyone would ever read those snippets at all. Serious. It was more a digital post-it [1] notes like style of jotting down some of my ideas and enabling a resource for myself as well. Quite often I use the search feature of that blog to look up for something which I nearly forgot, that I ever wrote about it; by the way... I need to extend the search feature on both, the blog and the wiki. Thanx for reading and commenting...


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29. January 2004

Creative Commons license draft version 2.0
@ 11:23:22

Joi [1] just pointed out the draft of the Creative Commons by-nc-sa license version 2.0 [2]. There will be some changes regarding the warranties, a link-back to the attribution clause and among other points, compatibility questions regarding e.g. the GNU Free Documentation License are to be discussed.

On behalf of the compatibility issue Eric S. Raymond [3] worked out some guidelines related to open source in his Licensing-HOWTO. The compatibility between different licenses is from my point of view quite important e.g. for work that has been published prior the CC era. We should eventually start a compatibility list as it has been done for licenses regarding open source software. The idea is porbably not new though ;-)


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09. January 2004

Cvstrac - Ready to run within a minute
@ 11:06:12

Thanks to Michael Tsai [1], who compiled the Cvstrac [2], a webbased bug and patch-set tracking system for CVS with an integrated Wiki, for OS X, this tool is up and running within nearly no time.

Cvstrac ist based on Sqlite, which means, that the running this tool requires but only two files - the Cvstrac executable and the Sqlite database file. Installing the Wiki looks roughly like:
cvstrac init ~/Desktop/tmp/ wiki
cvstrac server 8008 ~/Desktop/tmp/ &
Proceede with these steps, you should be able to point at and the login page should show up. The default username/password is setup/setup. The fun with this is, that there is no need to have Apache up and running. HTH.


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11. December 2003

Wiki parser in PEAR
@ 20:08:10

Paul M Jones [1] finally comes up with a Wiki parser in PEAR [2] parsing from the default markup style (combined from WikkiTikkiTavi and coWiki) to render into XHTML.


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30. October 2003

Using Atom as common transport and storage format for Blogs and Wikis
@ 13:09:30

While commenting a recent post [1], I became aware of the need for a common bidirectional transport and storage format for blogs and wikis. The blog used here does interoperate on a very simple level with a wiki.

- Categories do have a wiki page per default
- CamelCase words in the blog post are being parsed and linked automatically to a wiki page
- Wiki pages are now featuring trackback functionality

Data of blog posts and wiki pages are stored in different database tables. Interoperability on stored content - moving conentent from a post to the wiki and vice versa - is basically limited to human interaction. The blog posts are already availabe as RSS, RDF and Atom. Not yet the wiki pages though. Merging blogs and wikis even more could lead to new features not yet available here. I could imagine that some parts of a blog post could be marked to be posted to a wiki page automatically. Or blog engines could generate a new wiki page out of a blog post. Not very spectacular you might say, but a start. The question arising to me here is, what would be nescessary to make those blog and wiki contents interoperable.

Imaginably that Atom [2] could step into this role. From my point of view, there should be a common format for transport (syndication), storage and editing being able to handle not only those features needed in blogging (micro-cms) but also on wiki-oriented engines.

I will try to have a closer look at Syncato [3] a weblog engine based on Python and an XML database [4]. Would it make sense to use Atom as an XML storage format?


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29. October 2003

A way to convert PDF to Wiki syntax
@ 11:46:18

I would have liked the straight way of converting a PDF to a WikkiTikkiTavi style Wiki syntax. As far as I can see this is not yet done. So what I found is a PDF to text converter for OS X [1]. Wiki formatting has to be done by hand. Some Wikis do allow a subset of HTML to be used but there is probably no way around to write my own PDF to HTML/XML to WikkiTikkiTavi converter. For those using PHPWiki might the HTML to Wiki converter be of interest [2]. Unfortunately the pdftohtml converter did not compile on my OS X [3].


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24. October 2003

To Trackback a Wiki page
@ 00:45:39

On merging Wiki and Weblog further I added a new macro to WikkiTikkiTavi allowing trackbacking Wiki pages. The idea is to let users choose, what pages they want to enable with this feature.

So trackbacking to this SandBoxTrackback (see bottom of page) works as you put the appropriate TrackBack URL into the respective form field. So now one can reference to a Wiki page from within a blog. Pretty nice.

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19. October 2003

Collaborative Events handling with a Wiki
@ 00:13:19

There is that Calendar plugin for WikkiTikkiTavi that I found today and it took not for long to implement it. The Calendar has been Written by StephanUhlmann. It draws the next few months in multiple tables within a single WikiPage. While tuning it to fit to my needs I had a refreshing chat with ElkeEngel about blogs and wikis and the fusion of them. Actually she is working on a thesis for her diploma work.

Just some days ago I spotted the site, which is dealing with collaborative event calendars. Its intention is to let people register events in the future. Most of the blogger are used to have archived blog posts, sometimes also displayed in a calendar-looking-like manner. But if I look at a calendar, it is mostly to look forward, not into the past.

So I had the idea to extend that Calendar with an RSS export function to make those upcoming events available in a common format [1]. There are still multiple RSS feeds around for this blog here, to be precise; one for each category. This is probably a feature not used by many of you out there. But what could make sense is to merge the past and upcoming posts/events into one feed. Maybe giving a marker depending on the current date, saying past or upcoming. Would the AtomFeed be able to deal with it? Just a thought...

[1] (see RSS)

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20. September 2003

Chaperon - structured text to XML conversion
@ 10:20:22

Stephan Michels describes Chaperon [1] as a project that converts structured text to XML. The project contains two ANT tasks to create the parse table and to parse text documents. There are also Generator/Transformer componenets for Apache Cocoon 2.


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19. September 2003

Parsing blog entries for StudlyCaps
@ 16:31:58

With the help of a StudlyCaps parser these blog entries should now have automagically generated WikiLinks.

This site is undergoing a constant metamorphosis, so do not take too much for granted here.

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17. July 2003

Merging weblog and wiki
@ 13:23:21

What is a weblog, what a wiki? What sense does it make to have just another took to administrate? What is the gain, what the pain?

Weblogs are said to be "A web site organized by time", a diary with reports, news summaries, random thoughts, interesting songs, pictures etc [0]. The time factor is mostly part of the URL of a specific blog entry, also there are variations [see Joi' URL, 1]. Entries are furthermore organized by one or multiple categories [2]. Even providing an archive does not prevent from searching for a certain entry, which leads to a search engine to be implemented. Weblog entries often can be commented via a comment field or or ping- or trackbacks. I would rather like to have a weblog with a forum attached [3] than a simple guestbook-style comments collection.

A Wiki [4] is a web-based writing space and is typically collaborative, but does not have to be. While weblogs basically store events, Wikis categorize data [5]. Furthermore a Wiki has revisions of pages [6].

Combinations are already fact [7]; Joi does it, others too - see site of Andrew, Keith, 0xDECAFBAD et. al. I also makes sense to crosspost links or contents to existing Wiki titles. Andrew has a hack:
I now also have a hack to B2 that automatically inserts links to wiki pages (with wiki names) that exist, but only if not in between angle brackets - I don't want to have links inside of links as nested anchors haven't been allowed for a long time in HTML land.
There is currently a discussion over a package called "Text_Wiki" to handle Wiki-like markup [8] that could make such an integration less painful.


Some more thoughts and discussions in this direction, leading to klogs:

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