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09. August 2010

LucID Messenger
@ 23:03:52

Ever heard of LucID? Just by random run over that messenger, which should enable chatting from iPhone to Android or Blackberry. We managed to chat from Android to iPhone and backwards. But how does one invite people by email? Not a clue yet.

QR Code for your mobile phone.
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29. June 2005

iTunes with podcast
@ 18:14:40

iTunes 4.9 with podcast is now up and running. Great.

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15. June 2005

RSS as a marketing instrument
@ 12:24:55

Apple offers an RSS feed generator frontend, where you can select e.g. the most recent added German Pop albums added to the iTunes shop [1]. So, if you add the feed to an RSS reader, you get each item displayed with a link, that opens in iTunes. Probably in the next version there will be Podcasting and - consequently - an RSS reader for song title marketing in iTunes ;)


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10. June 2005

FileVault is memory hungry
@ 12:44:47

Yesterday I moved from Panther to Tiger; on a 37GB disk. Today I tried the FileVault and got the message below in response:
Sorry, I do not have that much space here for so many drives ;)

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07. June 2005

Marklar follow-up
@ 22:31:46

If You have not yet heard Steve Jobs yet, have a go here [1]. Apple implemented Podcasting into iTunes and calles it "Podcast Director". Apple itends to take Podcasting mainstream that way. Jobs also presented "Universal Binaries" to run on Intel and PowerPCs created with Xcode 2.1. He also presents "Rosetta" allowing to run PowerPC apps from the day one of the technology transition. Intel processors will drive (probably mainly) the new Apple computer hardware.


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06. June 2005

Marklar - reinforcing a background task at Apple?
@ 11:02:50

[via infam, 1] It is rumoured that Apple will move to Intel technology. There has already been running a background task called "marklar" [2] that has been working on keeping Apple applications running on Intel processors. It is said, that Steve Jobs will reveal more today [3].


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12. January 2005

John towards U3
@ 20:31:11

John Haller [1] has done a remarkable job to let Thunderbird, Firefox and Sunbird as well as NVU run directly from a USB stick. I have some doubts to transport my mails around on a USB stick. Maybe Sunbird? Still not sure. There is a calendar on my mobile phone, which has no caldav yet, but let's wait and see ;)

As the computers seem to become smaller too, the fancy stuff above gets even more relativated. Saying this, I have the new Apple mini in mind, which I saw today [2]. Nearly a "PC" to fit in the pocket (PIP) or a small bag (PIB) ;) Nevertheless, definitely enough resources to run Thunderbird, Firefox and Sunbird at once.


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17. November 2004

vcf import problem on Thunderbird
@ 23:24:27

Just having switched to Thunderbird on OSX. The import facility does not seem to accept vcf files from the I found a java implemenation that converts vcf to ldif [1].

A perl script [2] did work properly while moving vcf to csv, but it might work for you [2].


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15. November 2004

QemuX - Qemu GUI for OSX
@ 07:50:12

QemuX - written by René Korthaus - claims to be a powerful UI (User Interface) for the Qemu CPU Emulator by Fabrice Bellard. QemuX is designed for Mac OS X. As qemu currently only runs as a Terminal App, a Cocoa application for managing configurations and simple launching of a Guest OS makes your life easier. [1] I also advise to follow qemu-devel [2].


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07. November 2004

@ 21:46:29

Marc [1] is doing a great job to get PHP5 as easy as possible on OSX.


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20. October 2004

Qemu for OSX
@ 20:58:36

Qemu was not yet available for OSX in April, but now there is even an installer around [1].


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17. May 2004

PearPC to rund OS X on Windows
@ 14:04:15

PearPC [1] is an Open Source project to emulate PowerPC architecture. It will enable you to run e.g. OS X on Windows or Linux - also have a look at MOL [2] in the latter case.


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06. April 2004

QEMU development progression for OS X
@ 19:17:47

There has been some work done by Pierre d'Herbemont [1] lately on QEMU to run on OS X [2]. QEMU [3] is a fast processor emulator using dynamic translation to achieve good emulation speed.


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23. March 2004

Soybo technology to integrate PHP, XML-RPC, AppleScript et. al.
@ 11:47:27

Soybo [1] is a cross-platform and device independent technology that allows applications to publish their functionality as web services, accessible by any Internet-enabled device. Soybo bridges the digital divide by drastically reducing the hardware requirements necessary for remote accessing of computing resources. It is published under GPL.


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17. March 2004

iPhoto-to-Blog export plug-in
@ 16:51:19

Eric Sigler [1] has written and published a plug-in to iPhoto which lets you export images directly from your local machine to the remote host driving your weblog. If you like to adapt another blog API just have a look at the sources [2]. Eric is still working on the project...


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16. March 2004

Just no win-win situation
@ 21:24:46

Yesterday I moved a PHP project from Windows to OS X. For reasons of laziness I often code something like:
if (stristr(PHP_OS, "WIN")) {
echo "Do something Windows-related here...";
This worked usually perfect for scripts moved between Windows and Linux based systems. But one has to be more precise for scripts to run additionally on OS X. Since OS X comes with a PHP_OS string consisting of "Darwin". If you are wondering, why your scripts do not work on Mac try this:
if (stristr(PHP_OS, "Windows")) {
echo "Do something Windows-related here...";

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05. March 2004

Virtual Desktops for OS X
@ 00:35:00

There is a constant mess on the 12" desktop of my iBook. One way to come along that problem is to rearrange the icons, remove this or that tiny file containing just a note or codesnippet etc. or - the second way - to extend the destop area. Going for both variants leads to the best compromise.

Regarding the destop-extension I had that idea of looking for a virtual desktop as one knows it from Linux etc. There are about four solutions for OS X I would like to point out:

- Desktop Manager,
- CodeTek VirtualDesktop,
- Windowshade X (minimize-in-place),

Currently I am working with the opensourced Desktop Manager. Unfortunately the files and folder can not be moved to virtual desktops; I have to reread the manual but that is what I initially was looking for...

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29. January 2004

Apple is offering iBook repair
@ 10:02:53

According to CNET [1] Apple launched a worldwide repair program for faulty iBook hardware as the the serial numbers is in the range of